I offer a range of marketing services to help you, your brand or your business achieve the results you’re after. From setting up social media accounts, to coordinating an entire weekend of programming (virtual or in-person) I offer multiple options that can work for your needs.

Not sure what you need, or what it costs? Below is a basic overview of the marketing services I offer. Prices and fees available upon request. Scroll down for more or drop me an email now

Looking to book me for a podcast, panel or any other speaking engagement? I can speak as an expert on fandom, social media and digital strategies. Email me here for speaking needs.


Does your digital event or product need some help?


You have content, but no one is seeing it?


Is your content just not getting people excited? Or not going a long way?

I can help.

Social Media 101

Are you trying to set up accounts for a brand or business and just not sure what to do? Maybe you’ve been out of the game a minute and need a refresher? I can help you brainstorm optimized titles, bios and screen names, along with help you create documentation on best practices and goals for your marketing needs. And everything in-between. (I offer a 60-minute lightning chat and long-term help over multiple sessions.)

Event Specific

From covering a red carpet premiere irl to making a strategy around a multi-day event, I can help you make a plan, strategize content for your budget and even do a study to see what opportunity audiences may present themselves for your project. (I can also help plan virtual events, if you are in need.)

Crisis Comms

So something bad happened. We both know it’s better to deal with it now, rather than later. Get in touch ASAP so we can work together to address it. (Obviously, there is no guarantee I can take you on as a client. If I am already booked up for a day I can certainly suggest other marketing experts to contact.)

Audience Study

I can put together a data-driven study and/or long-term strategy to help you get a good idea of your current audience, your aspirational one, and what to do next.

Newsroom Needs

Trying to get your legacy newsroom caught up on current content distribution trends? Need help mentoring reporters and hosts who aren’t tech-savvy? Or maybe you’ve suddenly been tasked with handling the social accounts and have no idea where to start? Been there. Done that. Many times. I can help.

Don’t see exactly what you’re looking for?

If it involves digital content and/or marketing I can probably help.

Just contact me below and we can chat.

Let’s do this.