Textile Portfolio

Nerdy fashion

Forever inspired by the books, movies, comics and shows around me, my love for sewing is rooted in costumes. I love recreating costumes for events and using influences from pop culture in my designs. Cosplay and historical costumes both require a lot of research, and rabbit-holing, so my desktop is full of folders with reference images, swatches and method ideas. for each project.

Fiber arts

The ways you can manipulate one thread to do so many things is just forever remarkable to me. I started crocheting in high school, and embroidering in college, but it wasn’t until the last few years that my love of thread manipulation and management has grown into more.

Bobbin lace is my newest textile adventure, and I love the play with negative space and simplicity of making fiber architecture in the air.

Sewing and patterning

My brain has always loved the process behind thing. How does a hat get made? How did an 18th century sewing kit come to be? How to do make that?

Flat patterning is one way I unravel the mystery of fashion designs, and it’s how I work backwards to forwards, making a design in my head come to life on a page, on the drafting table and then in fabric itself.