Hades x Persephone Books

Fine. I got too invested in Lore Olympus. Yes, I know I am way late on that bandwagon but I feel I need to share my findings for others in need. Because once I inhaled the series I needed more. Here’s some of the *ahem* research into this shit and various adaptations of the HadesxPersephone…

Gifts for Nerds

‘Tis the season to think about gifts for that special person in your life, and if that special someone is a massive nerd, you might be slightly stumped on what to get them.

Scrap Fabric Table Runner

Better late than never I suppose! Enjoy this craft project I started in October and didn’t get around to editing until late November. Hopefully this is useful for next year’s Halloween, or even inspires future table runner ideas. If you’d like to support me and my work (or see previews of my upcoming projects), check out…

LA Fabric Shopping Tips

Tips: Make a list of upcoming projects or speciality things you won’t be able to find at home or online. I used my Notes app to list projects and material references I could quickly look at while shopping. Bring cash and a card. Some places charge for using card or have minimums. And if you’re…


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