LA Fabric Shopping Tips

Tips: Make a list of upcoming projects or speciality things you won’t be able to find at home or online. I used my Notes app to list projects and material references I could quickly look at while shopping. Bring cash and a card. Some places charge for using card or have minimums. And if you’re … More

Budget Regency Menswear

Dearest Bookhos, This week, I let Mr. Bookhoarding take the stage to talk about budget Regency costume options if you’re looking for the historically masculine look. We got a lot of excitement around this topic last time we talked about it, so we hope this added resource can help folks who are trying to get … More

Book Review: Longbourn

The lack of rose-tinted glasses gives us a better understanding and appreciation of the realities around which Jane Austen herself wrote and moved in.

Book Review: Camp Austen

“…there are Janeites who seem to have no sense of irony about themselves, no apparent glee for mischief, no inner Lizzy Bennet.”

Movie Review: Emma.

I have a pretty high bar for Austen adaptations, and I feel like what blew me away about this take on Emma was how carefully crafted it was.

My Years With Brambly Hedge

Little mice cuddled close in cozy and cluttered room, having yummy picnics out in the fields, being jovial and wearing the cutest little clothes…


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