#RomComBracket Summer Lovin’ Tour 2021

I know just how much y’all love/hate #RomComBracket, so I thought it was high time we do a summer movie party.

Every other weekend we’ll watch a romcom together. Using #RomComBracket on social media, mainly Twitter, you’ll get to interact with other romcom fans AND the stress of voting on a bracket winner won’t be looming.

The Info!

Below are the dates and films we’ll be watching! There are a bunch of TBD movies because my Patrons at the Miss Marianne Dashwood Tier and above get to vote on the films. (And I’ll be making a special Discord channel for all Patrons to hang out in and talk RomComs.)

5 p.m. PDT
P.S. I Love You
Free with ads on YouTube!

5 p.m. PDT
Much Ado About Nothing

5 p.m. PDT
But I’m a Cheerleader

5 p.m. PDT
From Prada to Nada

5 p.m. PDT
The Holiday

5 p.m. PDT

5 p.m. PDT

5 p.m. PDT

Save the dates!

How can you vote on what films we’ll be seeing?

Join my Patreon at the Miss Marianne Dashwood Tier or above. The June poll is here.

What is #RomComBracket?

Suffering. It’s a yearly bracket I run in February/March with a bracket of the community’s favorite romcoms. It’s wild and wonderful and I hope you join me next year!

If you’d like to support me and my work (or see previews of my upcoming projects), check out my Patreon (it has Austen-themed tiers)! You can also consider donating to my Ko-fi. These funds go toward production fees, which helps me be able to share my content with you all.

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